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Extreme Contracts Telegram Pills 💊 — beta release

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A tip a day to help you negotiate better. Sent via Telegram.

Disclaimer🤌: the English version of Extreme Contracts is in beta. This means two things. 1. You can pay *almost* as much as you want 2. if you buy the pills now, you will also get a discount on the upcoming e-book version once that is out.

Thanks for being early to the party 🥳.


Contracts are a huge pain point for architects, programmers, designers, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, and all knowledge workers. It does not have to be that way.

That is why I wrote Extreme Contracts, which offers a pragmatic and rigorous approach to dealing with negotiations and contracts in knowledge work.

I sold 1019 copies, and then I realized something.

The people who need this book don't have an hour to read in peace and quiet each night. Of course! Right?

So what did I do?

I decided to break Extreme Contracts into short text pills and send them daily. So you get the right tip at the right time.

What is the right time anyway?

The right time to read them is probably in the middle of the negotiations we do every day, immersed in the complexity of our professional life.

📖 What does this book in pills help you with (exactly)

  • Make more money with fewer headaches as a knowledge worker
  • Writing and negotiating contracts that help to add value rather than slowing you down.
  • Start collaborations that unlock the maximum possible value for both parties without stepping on each other's toes.

🎯 For whom it was written (exactly)

This book is for all knowledge workers, i.e., those who do an "intellectual" job. This book has been read by architects, programmers, designers, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, marketers, and trainers.

All people who "think" for a living. On top of that, if you are a freelance knowledge worker or an entrepreneur, this book has a good chance of becoming your best friend.

Some of the topics I will cover in the pills.

⚠️ Escalation of commitment: how to recognize and avoid them

🤺  The threat of positional negotiation and alternative ways to negotiate

🪄 Creating collaborations that follow the principles of lean thinking

🕳️  The traps of traditional contracts, how to find and neutralize them

✍️ How to write the perfect contract for knowledge work

🪢  The theory of constraints and its practical consequences

🤝 How do you decide when to negotiate and when to leave the table

💌 The role of trust in collaborations, when and how to deliver it

What your fellow readers say

"Extreme Contracts has the potential to rethink how we organize at scale in a world of pervasive capabilities."

- Simone Cicero via Twitter

"One thing that I learned reading Extreme Contracts is Jacopo Romei doesn't drink coffee. Good book full of useful ideas and things to reason about. Subversive. Enlightening."

- Emanuele del Bono via Twitter

"I'm super moved by the way Jacopo Romei forces us to question the consistency between what we advocate and what we sign on."

- Édouard Gomez-Vaëz via Twitter

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A pill from my book every day delivered via Telegram. It comes with a summary for when you're in a hurry 💊


Extreme Contracts Telegram Pills 💊 — beta release

0 ratings
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